PGE’s commitment to excellence includes providing hiring and retaining some of the most qualified and experienced geotechnical engineers and soil technicians in the Pacific Northwest.  Our collective experiences and expertise are invaluable in the geotechnical engineering field, which enabled PGE to achieve their accomplishments.     

PGE retains a geotechnical consultant with very senior level expertise and experience (Mr. Harbans Chabra, PE), one senior level geotechnical engineer (Mr. Santanu Mowar, PE), one entry level staff geotechnical engineer (EIT), two full-time certified field technician/inspectors, one laboratory soil technician, and one office administrator. 
The company’s founder/principal, Mr. Santanu Mowar possesses more than 25 years of experience in diversity of civil engineering disciplines, with primary focus in geotechnical engineering, material testing, and inspection services, and in basic civil and structural engineering.  Mr. Mowar is familiar with the regional geological conditions and the geotechnical challenges that can be encountered.  Mr. Mowar regularly provides geotechnical investigations and construction monitoring services.  Mr. Mowar’s experiences in geotechnical engineering includes site & material characterization, subsurface exploration, field and laboratory testing of soils, geotechnical engineering analyses and design, geotechnical instrumentation, vibration monitoring and control, computer applications in geotechnical engineering, construction monitoring and quality control, and geotechnical special inspection services.  He is in-charge of day-to-day operations of PGE.  He participates in the project development process and covers the entire spectrum from planning through design to construction observations. Mr. Mowar’s administrative experiences in managing geotechnical operations include project management, marketing, contract administration, client liaison, personnel and resource allocation & management, personnel training, technical guidance and supervision, site and laboratory safety program implementation, enhancing company growth, profit, and services.  

PGE’s senior geotechnical consultant, Mr. Bans Chabra possesses more than 40 years of experience in the geotechnical engineering, testing, and inspection fields, with invaluable experience in the north-west Pacific region for very large and complex civil engineering projects.  Mr. Chabra is a very well respected geotechnical engineer in the Puget Sound area, where he worked as a regional manager for Dames & More corporation and then as a principal/owner for his own firm PacRim till he joined PGE.  Mr. Chabra’s inclusion brings very high level of geotechnical engineering expertise and experience to PGE’s table, with which PGE is capable of providing services for much larger and complex projects. Our collective experiences and expertise are invaluable in the geotechnical engineering field, which enabled PGE to achieve their accomplishments.  Mr. Chabra had provided and directed the geotechnical engineering studies on such high profile projects as the Boeing 777 Facilities Expansion project, several projects within the Hanford Nuclear Reservation Plant, Henderson/MLK CSO project, Bryn Mawr Improvement project, and Beacon Hill Tunnel project to name a few.

PGE’s senior soil technician/inspector, Mr. Paul Campbell has been associated with the local geotechnical field for almost last 22 years, providing his inspection skills and expertise for the variety of large and complex projects in the greater Puget Sound area. His invaluable contributions to the construction inspection services have helped PGE to be awarded with several large projects.  His wide and in-depth knowledge in testing and inspection services, and his excellent written and verbal communication skills makes him an asset on any project and provide him with a realistic approach in managing projects successfully. 

PGE’s laboratory soil technician/inspector, Mr. Brian Matlock has extensive experiences with the ASTM laboratory soil testing methods, and he has been active in accreditation procedures for the laboratory.  He has a solid 7 years of experiences in the testing and inspection field in the greater Puget Sound area. His participation in the projects has provided tremendous amount of contributions to the successful completion of several large and complex projects. 

Slope stability analyses and geogrid reinforced tired rockery wall design
and inspection for Bollman Plat at Kent