Example Projects, continued

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Utility Line Installation in 94th Avenue East, Puyallup:  Provided material testing, compaction testing, and compaction inspection services for the backfilling of the utility trenches, 2000 feet long and 20 to 25 feet deep.  Following the backfilling final road subgrades were observed and approved y PGE for laying the base course and the asphalt. The laying and compaction of the base course and the asphalt layers were inspected.  

Pierce County Arterial Roads: Determined the asphalt pavement thickness using AASHTO program, and local county and WSDOT pavement design manual.  Recommended proper subgrade improvement techniques, e.g., lime and cement stabilization, and geotextiles, observed cut and fills, and inspected laying of the pavements. 

Kindercare Center Facility at I-405 & 44th Street, King County: Provided under-drainage recommendations on resolving the water accumulation problems under the building. Also, provided day-to-day inspections of under slab drainage system and construction dewatering system installations. Also, designed and inspected MSE Keystone block wall. 

Precision Machine Building at Tacoma: Designed rigid mat foundation for huge and very heavy vibrating     machines; performed site-specific seismic evaluation, liquefaction analysis, dynamic settlement evaluation due to liquefaction and machine vibration, where settlement criteria was very critical for the performance of the machine; site was environmentally critical due to the presence of high water table and very soft alluvial deposit.   

Pro-max Site & Custom Hydraulic Machine Building: Provided geotechnical engineering services for clean-up of contaminated soils from underneath the building footings; recommended underpinning and soldier pile systems to support the existing footings; inspected their installations.        

Bahamas Breeze and Olive Garden Restaurants at Sounthcenter Mall, Tukwilla: Performed the geotechnical investigations including site-specific seismic analyses and liquefaction potential evaluation and dynamic settlement evaluation. Recommended appropriate foundation types and ground improvement techniques to mitigate seismic impact on the structures due to dynamic settlement. Designed augercast piles and inspected their installation. 

High-rise Apartment Houses/Warehouses/Office Buildings, Redmond and  Seattle:Performed geotechnical investigations to meet City of Seattle DCLU Ordinances for Environmentally Critical Areas (ECA), which included problems associated with slope failures, and their rehabilitation and stabilization.  Used numerical computation to determine the slope stability for static and seismic loading conditions; evaluated steep slope hazard potential and building setback requirements in environmentally critical areas per the City of Seattle (DCLU), County ordinances, and UBC guidelines; recommended numerous slope stabilization techniques; monitored the long-term slope movement by installing inclinometers.

18 feet tall and 200 feet long gravity block wall design and inspection services for Copper Leaf subdivision at Federal Way.

Geotechnical engineering study and construction inspection services for Ridge at Southwood at Puyallup.


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