Construction Monitoring Services

PGE has skilled engineering professionals & technicians to provide geotechnical monitoring and inspection services during the construction phases of the projects.  PGE is capable of inspecting and monitoring of mass grading activities, installations of shallow and deep foundations, e.g., piles and piers, installations of excavation support systems such as sheet piles and soldier piles, soil nail walls, tie-back and helical anchors, constructions of all types of retaining walls, pavements, stormwater management systems, slope stabilization, ground improvements by lime or cement stabilization, preloading and surcharge, dynamic compaction, construction dewatering, pile load testing, installations of foundation stabilization and underpinning, geotechnical instrumentation and vibration control and monitoring, pre-construction and post-construction surveying of structures, erosion control measures, and other geotechnical aspects of the construction of the project. 

PGE provides day-to-day inspection of the sites that require continuous monitoring and inspection.  PGE attends pre-construction and periodic meetings, and also implement and direct QC/QA programs to monitor the projects.  At the end of inspections prepare final letters for the local County and City regulatory bodies.  Field inspection reports describing non-conformances and discrepancies will be delivered to the contractor and the owner immediately, followed by continuous monitoring of the issue till it resolved, and finally submitting the corrected report.  PGE owns two Troxler Nuclear gauges to perform in-situ compaction tests.  These enable us to provide rapid and accurate field compaction tests at the project site.  Due to the experiences and on-site presence of our engineering professionals our services are particularly valued for providing on-site, immediate, and cost-effective engineering solutions in response to unanticipated site conditions. 

Construction Monitoring
Compaction testing at final road subgrades of 94th Ave East at Puyallup.

Our distribution of field report in electronic version helps contractors and clients to keep abreast with our inspection results and our monitoring of the non-conformances.