Company Profile

Pacific Geo Engineering, LLC (PGE) is dedicated to solving wide range of complex geotechnical challenges in Washington State and greater Puget Sound area for virtually all types of civil engineering projects.

Established in 2003, Pacific Geo Engineering is a full-service geotechnical engineering, and related material testing and inspection company, based in Bellevue, Washington.  Since 2003, PGE has built a reputation of providing reliable and high quality, and cost-effective and timely geotechnical engineering and construction inspection services.  PGE takes pride in the fact that through such strength and qualities several large and complex geotechnical projects in environmentally critical areas of greater Puget Sound area have been completed very successfully in recent years.  Proof of our success is indicated by the repeat business and referrals we received from our existing clientele.  

Our technical expertise in the geotechnical engineering field is in-depth and wide.  PGE has extensive experience and expertise in all phases of geotechnical engineering disciplines that includes geotechnical engineering, material testing, and inspection services, and also in basic civil and structural engineering.  PGE is capable of providing their services in all phases of geotechnical engineering that includes project management, contract negotiation, resource management, engineering analyses and design, technical evaluation, computer application, field and laboratory testing, and construction monitoring and quality control (QC/QA).  PGE is capable of providing their services from the planning to final phase of the projects to meet the project demands for the governmental agencies, real-estate developers, architects, engineers, and construction companies.  PGE takes the venture to continuously develop new and improved engineering services to meet the project needs and hence to expand the client base.  

Marked with continued success PGE has exhilarating years since its inception.  Recently, PGE has been awarded with four major projects in the Puget Sound area through its MBE/DBE certifications. These projects are - East Mercer Street Corridor Improvement project in Seattle for City of Seattle, East Marginal Grade Way Separator project in Seattle for Port of Seattle, Rainier Vista Phase II in South Seattle for Seattle Housing Authority, and the McMillan Reservoir Replacement project in Tacoma for City of Tacoma.  PGE’s participations in these projects are to provide primarily material testing and inspection services for the geotechnical aspects of the projects, pre- and post-construction surveying of the conditions of the structures, vibration monitoring, and the geotechnical engineering consulting services during the construction phases of the projects.   

PGE is optimistic and look forward to extend the client base emphasizing services for the public sectors that includes local county, city, municipality, school districts, WA state agencies, and federal government agencies in the upcoming years.

North Shore Golf Course
Geotechnical engineering study for the North Shore Golf Course at Federal Way.
A large subdivision is currently under plan in this site.